Category: Video

Portland Press Herald: 2018 Preview

This video “illustrates” how the Portland Press Herald is so much more than just a newspaper. Special events, websites, podcasts and publishing combine to offer unparalleled reach.

Lost: Rewiring the Brain

For the Portland Press Herald’s special report on the opioid crisis in Maine, I created this video to illustrate how the brain is physically altered by heroin use….

The Great Fire of 1866

This video for the Portland Press Herald’s commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Portland’s Great Fire chronicles the path the of fire and details the conditions that lead…

MaineToday Promo

This 15-second spot for was created to announce their new branding and introduce the tagline/hashtag “MaineToday. #SleepTomorrow”.

Music Video

After years spent living in New York City, Los Angeles and Santa Fe, my return to Portland, Maine elicited a lot of feelings. I created a music video…