Maine Academy of Natural Sciences: Logo design

Maine Academy of Natural Sciences

Maine Academy of Natural Sciences (MeANS) needed a logo that would grow with them as they expand their programs and services. They offer immersive educational experiences to high…

We Need Fresh Air: Logo design

We Need Fresh Air

California-based “We Need Fresh Air” is committed to improving student achievement—one breath at a time. They work tirelessly to make sure schools and other organizations provide clean, breathable…

E&M Farms: logo design

E&M Farms

E&M Farms provided a sketch of a mushroom drawn by their young daughter. That provided all the inspiration needed to create a whimsical brand that stayed true to…

Flagging Services - Logo design

Flagging Services, LLC

Flagging Services required a logo that communicated what they do (provide staff for traffic and construction projects) in a clear, clean, and effective manner.

Maine Cheese Festival - T-Shirt design

Maine Cheese Festival – T-shirt

The Maine Cheese Guild needed a t-shirt that was fun and stylish. The hope was to have something that would be visually engaging and interesting—to boost t-shirt sales….

Maine Cheese Festival logo

Maine Cheese Festival

The Maine Cheese Guild was looking for a distinctive logo for their annual Cheese Festival that would differentiate the Guild from the festival. They wanted something that was…

Shooter Jennings: Poster

Illustrated promotional poster for Shooter Jennings at Port City Music in Portland, Maine.

Portland Press Herald: 2018 Preview

This video “illustrates” how the Portland Press Herald is so much more than just a newspaper. Special events, websites, podcasts and publishing combine to offer unparalleled reach.

From Away

For a collection of stories focusing on Maine’s immigrant population, the Press Herald needed a landing page to house the stories, photos and multimedia created by six reporters,…

Tuesday’s Last Call

Tuesday’s Last Call is a booking agency in Portland, Maine that connects out-of-state bands with local venues; encouraging acts to venture farther north than they’ve ever dared before.

Maine Food Scene

This logo for the Facebook group, Maine Food Scene needed to evoke… Maine, and er… food.

The Locker Project

The Locker Project is a non-profit that connects food-insecure children in Maine with nourishing food to improve their learning capacity, health, and future. View the Site

Locally Sauced

Locally Sauced is the restaurant spawned from a burrito cart. I coded the site, designed the logo and created the in-store signage. View the Site

Lost: Rewiring the Brain

For the Portland Press Herald’s special report on the opioid crisis in Maine, I created this video to illustrate how the brain is physically altered by heroin use….

Veterans’ Day

The Portland Press Herald marked Veterans’ Day by showcasing several Maine veterans who shared their stories of service and sacrifice. This is the online accompaniment to the story…

Allagash Street Fair

The Great Fire of 1866

This video for the Portland Press Herald’s commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Portland’s Great Fire chronicles the path the of fire and details the conditions that lead…

The Hollar Restaurant

The Hollar Restaurant in Madrid, New Mexico relies heavily on tourists. A brand that’s reminiscent of roadside signage utilizing food iconography helps the restaurant stand apart from the…

New Balance

This piece from the Portland Press Herald documented New Balance’s Maine-based factory by profiling the people who make the shoes. View the Site

MaineToday Promo

This 15-second spot for was created to announce their new branding and introduce the tagline/hashtag “MaineToday. #SleepTomorrow”.

Press Herald Podcast

The Portland Press Herald needed a logo for their new podcast feature that illustrated the function of the service while retaining elements of their existing brand.

Portland’s Great Fire

For the Portland Press Herald’s commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Great Fire of 1866, I created a site to service a variety of content – including…

Music Video

After years spent living in New York City, Los Angeles and Santa Fe, my return to Portland, Maine elicited a lot of feelings. I created a music video…

Pure Pops

Pure Pops create all-natural, great-tasting popsicles made from the freshest local ingredients available. They wanted a logo that spoke to the fun, youthful aspects of their brand.