Category: Branding

Tuesday’s Last Call

Tuesday’s Last Call is a booking agency in Portland, Maine that connects out-of-state bands with local venues; encouraging acts to venture farther north than they’ve ever dared before.

Maine Food Scene

This logo for the Facebook group, Maine Food Scene needed to evoke… Maine, and er… food.

The Hollar Restaurant

The Hollar Restaurant in Madrid, New Mexico relies heavily on tourists. A brand that’s reminiscent of roadside signage utilizing food iconography helps the restaurant stand apart from the…

Press Herald Podcast

The Portland Press Herald needed a logo for their new podcast feature that illustrated the function of the service while retaining elements of their existing brand.

Pure Pops

Pure Pops create all-natural, great-tasting popsicles made from the freshest local ingredients available. They wanted a logo that spoke to the fun, youthful aspects of their brand.

Right Outside Records

This is a one-of-a-kind logo designed for Santa Fe-based record label, Right Outside Records. A simple mark that portrayed the owners love of vinyl records.